Our Story

First of all, let us thank you for your interest in our shop and for taking your time to read this. We won’t disappoint.

We are a family of four (dog is included) looking for the best quality products for your most precious little ones. We are a young couple who recently became mom and dad. Every child is gifted, and so was ours not that long ago, and our life has changed forever! Our daughter is our blessing and our inspiration.

Searching for the best winter clothes for our newborn daughter, we realized that there are no good places in the U.S. that sells a REAL warm outerwear for newborns and babies. Since we live right outside of Philadelphia we also have harsh winters here. And we were surprised that places with big brand names which sell baby clothes have such a limited choice of winter clothing. It was very disappointing, so that’s how we decided to start looking for something else… something much better and… WARMER!

We searched for a long time.

We traveled seven seas and tried various brands from all over the world before offering you our products.

Our suppliers are well-known brands based in countries that have the most brutal winters, Canada and Russia. We’ve been in both countries and we know exactly what “cold” feels like. Therefore, our winter baby clothes were tested in real harsh and brutal winter temps (down to -30).

We are proud to officially represent brands such as
Nanö, Kushies, Hati, Peluche et Tartine, and many others.

We offer the warmest EVER winter outerwear for your little ones. Therefore, our baby clothes was indeed tested in surviving freezing temperatures.
No jokes.

We always work in ECO-FRIENDLY way.

Our winter clothes is not only made with organic materials, but it is created by companies who are taking a stance on social issues and doing their best to GIVE BACK. Environmental awareness is at the heart of all of our efforts. When the company designs a product, we make sure it is always made in an environmentally-sensitive way. These companies work with facilities that practice with eco-responsibility in mind. We gladly take social responsibility and NEVER use fur or leather.

Why are we using and promoting eco-friendly clothing?

  • Because being modern means discovering new ways of using alternative materials.
  • Because we want to promote a cruelty-free and ethical philosophy.
  • Because it means moving away from the old and creating the new.

We are proud to use materials that look and feel like real fur without any of a cruelty factor. We are conscious that the product itself is non-biodegradable, made from either polyester fibers, nylon, fleece, wool, or mohair. We therefore encourage our customers to care for their items and be responsible with their garments, never throwing them away.

Our product is RECYCLABLE!

Now when you know our story it’s time to let us take care of your precious little ones.
Winter is coming…

It’s time to shop,

It’s time to trust.